5 Reasons to Join (These are reasons that we consider that you should help us to do our research)

This project investigates one of the important topics in bioinformatics, the causal relationships among genes. The algorithm presented in this research is tested on plants, namely Arabidopsis thaliana.
Some of the reasons that can be considered to help in this research are the following:

1) In the future, the algorithm is expected to be used in gene networks investigation on animals and eventually on humans. The result of this research could contribute to the development of medical science.

2) The project is brand new and updated information is continually posted all the time, to keep people informed about how their computers are being used and where the project is going.

3) If you are in to credits and on a team, the project is new enough it's not as hard to climb to the top spots.

4) You will receive detailed science updates and transparency what have been accomplished.

5) Furthermore, being involved in this kind of project gives you the opportunity to make new contacts, increase your knowledge about gene networks, make your computer more productive and contribute to the scientific community.