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Hi folks! I'm a French guy, 45+ year old. The albatross over my shoulder is in loving memory of our friend Jip.


We rebuilt some parts of the whole system and are almost ready to go full speed. Please look at the following thread 14 Mar 2017, 11:24:23 UTC · Comment

No new work
I decided to stop the work generator until we solve our storage problems and have the new application (small output files). Most of our systems are now busy just moving things from here to there, this also implies a lot of (boring) micromanagement.
Hope you all understand.
2 Mar 2017, 11:12:40 UTC · Comment

New application (v 0.11)
In the next few hours the new v1.1 optimized applications made by Daniel will be promoted as the official ones (version 0.11). This version is faster than the previous one. If you are using the anonymous platform and want to safely 'come back' remember to: wait until the workunits queue is empty, stop boinc, delete app_info.xml, start boinc. 6 Feb 2017, 11:31:51 UTC · Comment

New application (v 0.10)
We are deploying the new version of the application (v 0.10), for all the platforms, including sse2, avx and fma. The new application is way faster than the previous one, thanks to the user Daniel who made it. See this thread ( for further info. 13 Jan 2017, 10:16:40 UTC · Comment

Workunits length
I've recently doubled the size of the workunits. Credits should scale up accordingly. 5 Jan 2017, 12:27:17 UTC · Comment

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