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Summer break
I just put the last Vitis vinifera genes into our queue. With the current pace it will take about a week, maybe less, to distribute them all. The new datasets are not ready yet... Also, I will be on vacation the next two weeks, and it wouldn't be advisable to start a new work without having the possibility to easily oversee the system.
Therefore, in a few days, the work generator will not be able to produce new tasks, only resends will be floating around.
I hope to be able to restart the system with a new project at the beginning of August.

Thank you all!
10 Jul 2023, 16:21:42 UTC · Comment

The Vespucci-2023 Vitis vinifera OneGenE experiment
The Vespucci-2023 Vitis vinifera OneGenE experiment is officially started, for more scientific info about it please look at this thread
Thank you all for your support!
15 May 2023, 17:14:30 UTC · Comment

Maintenance (filesystem and o.s.)
Right now that our queue is empty it is the perfect time to switch our filesystem to the new one and to upgrade the operating system of the server. This will probably happen the 2nd of May, for a couple of days. During this period the server may be down for awhile. After that, if everything will go smoothly, we plan to start distributing work again. 28 Apr 2023, 15:15:44 UTC · Comment

The end of the FANTOM-1 experiment
At our current pace the remaining workunits related to the very long and computational intensive OneGenE FANTOM-1 experiment (started in March 2018) will be distributed in more or less two days. This will be the end of this job.

For the future of the gene@home project please look at this thread
7 Apr 2023, 14:11:13 UTC · Comment

Storage problem (again)
As all of you already know we are constantly struggling with our problematic storage. The University have bought a new one and they planned the moving procedure. The HPC cluster should be moved this Monday (March, 6th), the other resources will follow.
I will reasonably shut down the server when needed, I will tell you when as soon as I know the date. Meanwhile the work generator will be active just a few hours a day, so very few workunits will be available.
Thank you all for your understanding and patience.
2 Mar 2023, 10:00:42 UTC · Comment

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