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21) Message boards : Number crunching : No wus (Message 124)
Posted 20 Dec 2013 by Profile danicampa90
I checked the CPU time on the server and it does not seem a performance problem.
I also quickly checked the logs of the feeder and scheduler, but in general they didn't give any error.
Furthermore, from the workunit list that other users seem to correctly receive workunits.
I will check the issue in more details tomorrow.
22) Message boards : Number crunching : No wus (Message 123)
Posted 20 Dec 2013 by Profile danicampa90
Seems very strange,
It does not seem to be a configuration issue (unless there were someone stopping the project exactly at that time). Theoretically if it works for one work-unit it should work for all the others.
The intermittence of the problem make me think that it could be a performance problem server-side. I will look into that soon.

Thanks for reporting the issue.
23) Message boards : Windows : Windows application (first impressions) (Message 104)
Posted 19 Dec 2013 by Profile danicampa90
Also on my pc (linux x64) it does not suspend.
If I remember correctly some time ago the suspension was working correctly...
I also suggest to check if the issue of suspension in not related to the other problem we are having (the different outputs between runs, related to checkpoints).

WRT the fact that you got an x86 application on a x64 host:
- it happened to me some time ago, but then it disappeared by its own after a few workunits. I thougt that this was a boinc synchronization glitch (I did just upload the pokemon to the server).
- is it still running the x86 version? (Did time solve the problem, or it is still persisting)?
- the two versions were uploaded and registered correctly (with update_apps). I thougth that boinc would take care of the rest, and distribute them accordingly to the architecture. Do I need to write some additional configuration for that?
24) Message boards : Development : Different results on the same WU (Message 103)
Posted 19 Dec 2013 by Profile danicampa90
Ok. It may be a good idea to look at the logs(stderr) of both runs, and see if the issue is reproducible on the standalone app.
If it's not reproducible, we will need to upload a vew version of the application with better logging.
25) Message boards : Development : Things to do (or to check) for server and application before massive testing (Message 30)
Posted 5 Dec 2013 by Profile danicampa90
These thing are done and tested to work:

- provide more platforms (both x64 and x32)
- - we have mac, linux x86 x64 and win x32 (runs also on win64)
- test checkpoints and progress bar
- - they work
- - time estimation is all messed up, but at least it is proportional to the work in the workunit. boinc will auto-adapt (hopefully) to the wrong estimation.

Server side:
- embed info into wu name (something like gene_datasource_npi_otherinfo_index)
- - ok: contains the name of an xml file containing all the info.
- do redundancy (now it seems that the result is self-validated)
- - Redundancy of 2 is enabled.
- NOTE: now I inserted in the queue the analysis of all the network that the preprocessing gave us.

- give meaningful names to specialized daemons, i.e. sample_work_generator should be gene_work_generator
- - Renamed to gene_work_generator. Also the validators, assimilators etc have names in the form gene_xx

26) Message boards : Development : Things to do (or to check) for server and application before massive testing (Message 26)
Posted 29 Nov 2013 by Profile danicampa90
This post will be updated as we complete things, and serves as a list on what needs to be done by the server group.
I will update this post as we go. Please subscribe to this topic to receive updates!

A checklist specifically for the server group:
- {DONE} [Daniele] Provide more redundancy
- - With the new workunits that are generated the redundancy factor will be 2.
- {DONE} [Daniele] Delete old WU, restart work generator, generate new ones with replication factor of 2.
- {DONE} [Daniele] Improve the reliability of the task generator.
- {DONE} [Daniele] Make a script that takes the files, and registers it with the workunit.
- {DONE} [Daniele] Embed more information on the WU names.
- {DONE} [Daniele] Create a script that automatically run the script of the preprocessing group and register all the generation directives in the task generator.
- {DONE} [Daniele] Give a proportional time estimation to client for the workunit. Note: currently the flops estimation is incorrect, but at least is somehow proprtional to the amount of work in a workunit.
- [Trung] Rename the project
- - URL:
- - Name of the project: Gene
- [Trung] Rename the application, and delete the old ones
- [Chau][Trung] Test the validator with live data (the work generator will distribute data with replication factor of 2 in a few hours)
- [Chau] Test the differences between the results obtained on Intel and AMD
- {DONE} [Daniele] Rename the work generator executable
- [Chau] Rename the validator executable
- [Claudio] Check with the post-processing group what they want as input (do a new topic on that and send email)
- [Claudio][Chau] Check how boinc handles exporting data, and what needs to be modified in order to export data in their format (assimilator?)
- [??] Limit the numbers of assigned workunits.

The names near the task are who (I think) wants to do the task.

27) Message boards : Development : Task generator and client are in an "usable" state (Message 23)
Posted 27 Nov 2013 by Profile danicampa90
The task generator and the client seem to be in an usable state:
- The task generator distributes the task correctly and get the result back.
- The client didn't crash
The credits I think are assigned by using the "automatic" algorithm in boinc. Right now the tasks are of 100 tiles: this means that on my pc they took ~15 minutes to run (on my intel core 2 duo 2.2GHz).
I suggest for now to keep them as 15 minute tasks so that we can test the system faster.

Now we (me and Marco) need to improve the reliability of the task generator.
An issue that should be fixed by the client group is that the progress bar on boinc client is not updating.

PS: Good race for the credits!
28) Message boards : Development : Bounds and estimates of the computation time of workunits [CLIENT] (Message 11)
Posted 18 Nov 2013 by Profile danicampa90
While integrating the task generator into boinc, we reached a point in
which we need to give boinc a few information about each
workunit. In detail we have some doubts about this parameters:

- rsc_fpops_est;
- rsc_fpops_bound;
- rsc_memory_bound;
- rsc_disk_bound;
- delay_bound;

Given a workunit containing "n" runs of the PC-algorithm, on network
of "g" genes, is there a way to estimate a bound on the amount of RAM
and the number floating point operations needed in order to complete
the task?

I know that estimating the completion time of the PC is very
difficult, and estimating the number of floating point operations is
even more difficult, but BOINC seems to require these bounds.
What numbers can we use?


Daniele Campana

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