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Message 3383 - Posted: 18 Apr 2024, 19:12:18 UTC

The new Development version of BOINC 8.0.0 allows for AVX-512 detection. Do the current AVX applications support AVX-512 processing ?

Bill F

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Message 3384 - Posted: 18 Apr 2024, 23:11:44 UTC - in response to Message 3383.

No they wouldn't. Any new avx512 app would have to be compiled to use that codepath. Then the admins would have to publish the app with a new avx512 plan_class so the scheduler could parse the available host cpuids for the avx512 compatibility and then it could issue a task for the host using the avx512 app.

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Message 3387 - Posted: 19 Apr 2024, 13:21:02 UTC
Last modified: 19 Apr 2024, 13:23:24 UTC

I think we don't even have avx 512 code path.

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Message 3388 - Posted: 19 Apr 2024, 14:10:17 UTC - in response to Message 3387.
Last modified: 19 Apr 2024, 14:11:11 UTC

The SIMD optimizations were made by a volunteer many years ago, by adding specific ASM code for SSE2, AVX and FMA. If I remember correctly, at that time, the benefits of using FMA instructions were minimal. I don't know if our algorithm will really make good use of AVX512...

ahorek's team
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Message 3389 - Posted: 24 Apr 2024, 22:15:07 UTC

I briefly looked at the code and here's some preliminary support for AVX512

however, the current code barely utilizes any AVX/FMA, so it won't be any faster without more work

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Message boards : Number crunching : AVX Applications

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