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1) Message boards : Number crunching : World Gene Expansion Challenge 2021 (Message 2262)
Posted 10 Mar 2021 by Boone
I've read here about 20 teams, on BoincStats are only 18 teams, "In Science We Trust" and "Wolrdwide Techservices" are not listed there.
Which one is the "official" ranking for the challenge ?

In Science We Trust and Worldwide TechServices asked me to join on BOINC Rankings.
Hopefully we will try to merge them and there will be no problems if team gaps are large enough. (...)

I understand that there are actually 2 Rankings (BoincStats vs BoincRankings). Since ISWT is at first place in BoincRankings, but not listed in the BoincStats-Challenge this is really weird.
I asssume, BoincStats is the official one?
Thank you in advance for clearing this up.

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