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1) Message boards : News : Summer break (Message 3338)
Posted 15 Dec 2023 by l008com
Any update on when new work will be available?
The projects homepage still says august.
2) Message boards : News : Summer break (Message 3286)
Posted 14 Oct 2023 by l008com
One easy hack might be to simply store each file pair in it's own subfolder, within the parent folder that would otherwise hold the 500k files.

That's probably the easiest solution to script.

A better solution would be to do that, AND break up the parent folder into groups of, let's say 100k, so if you reuse the same code for a project that ends up larger, there won't be any issues as the results grow.
3) Message boards : Getting started : Are there server problems? (Message 2902)
Posted 24 Sep 2022 by l008com
So since about august 25th, so just about 1 month now, my TN-Grid stats have been tanking. I seem to hardly be getting any work units. Is the project simply running low? I ask because I also can't seem to connect to the server for long periods of time. My stats haven't updated in over a week. They should be able to update even if there's no work available to download. I'm having this problem on multiple hosts in multiple locations.

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