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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Formulaa Boinc Sprint (Message 2376)
Posted 15 Sep 2021 by klepel
I do not want to discourage any (server) donation, but this discussion we have every time there is some kind of boinc competition at TN-GRID.
However, fact is, this project doesn`t have a real work creation problem, because of the slow server: There are over 20000 WUs to picked-up on the server at this moment!
There is more a problem of participation, rather than work generation. As well as, I don`t think it is necessary the project has to plan for more resources (server vise) just for bursts of demand during these competitions once or twice a year.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : FMA application for windows_x86_64 (Message 2213)
Posted 19 Feb 2021 by klepel
Placing this app_info.xml file in my project folder switched from avx to fma:
<app_info> <app> <name>gene_pcim</name> </app> <file_info> <name>gene_pcim_v1.10_linux64__fma</name> <executable/> </file_info> <app_version> <app_name>gene_pcim</app_name> <version_num>110</version_num> <avg_ncpus>1.000000</avg_ncpus> <flops>6420118510.968211</flops> <plan_class>fma</plan_class> <api_version>7.9.0</api_version> <file_ref> <file_name>gene_pcim_v1.10_linux64__fma</file_name> <main_program/> </file_ref> </app_version> </app_info>

Has a different Application Name displayed in BoincTasks but it seems to be working good so far.

A wish came true! I will try this app_info on my AMD 3950x, hope this will change the WU from sse2 to fma.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : FMA application for windows_x86_64 (Message 2188)
Posted 2 Feb 2021 by klepel
It happens that the performances of the various versions are almost the same.

I am not so sure about that! I observed: tn-grid Server starts to send out only one App type to a certain computer after a while and does not send other Apps to re-check from time to time, if another App type would work better.

I have also observed, when I bring a new computer online with a mix of tn-grid WUs and WUs, the tn-grid server starts to send out only sse2 WUs to this particular computer and seems never to check again, if another App type (fma) works better for that computer.

Said this, my computers (CPU) use the following apps:
AMD 1700x (RAM 3200, 16 GB, Linux): fma
AMD 2600 (RAM 3200, 16 GB, Win10): avx
AMD 2600 (RAM 3200, 16 GB, Win10): avx
AMD 2600 (RAM 3000, 8 GB, Win10): Motherboatd broken, but it was avx.
AMD 3700x (RAM 3600, 32 GB, Win10): sse2
AMD 3950x (RAM 3600, 32 GB, Linux): sse2 (this computer here with similar characteristics: and here:, fma, and they are 500 [s] faster)
This is why I asked for an working app_config to select a particular App type for tn-grid. Unfortunately, I never worked it out!
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Compiling for AVX-512 (Message 2120)
Posted 30 Nov 2020 by klepel
I know it is slightly off topic, but as it is also about app_config, I would like to force two Ryzen Zen 3 Computers to use “avx” under Windows and “fma” under Linux.
As I am not very knowledge full about app_config, I tried the following for Windows:
<<span class="highlight">app</span>_info> <<span class="highlight">app</span>> <name>gene_pcim</name> </<span class="highlight">app</span>> <file_info> <name>gene_pcim_v1.11_win64__avx</name> <executable/> </file_info> <<span class="highlight">app</span>_version> <<span class="highlight">app</span>_name>gene_pcim</<span class="highlight">app</span>_name> <version_num>110</version_num> <api_version>7.9.0</api_version> <plan_class>avx</plan_class> <flops>5784707816.501904</flops> <avg_ncpus>1.000000</avg_ncpus> <file_ref> <file_name>gene_pcim_v1.11_win64__avx</file_name> <main_program/> </file_ref> </<span class="highlight">app</span>_version> </<span class="highlight">app</span>_info>

And it does not work. Any ideas?

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