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1) Message boards : News : Storage problem (Message 2387)
Posted 15 Oct 2021 by Gunnar Hjern
Good news!!!
Really looking forward to that, as my computers are starting to get very hungry now! :-)

Btw., I can see that there where no stats exported to BoincStats today. Is that issue also related to the failing storage system?
2) Message boards : Science : SARS-CoV-2 virus (Message 1833)
Posted 17 May 2020 by Gunnar Hjern
Hi Valter!

Really glad to see that we're doing work on some very urgent issues like the SARS-VoV-2!
I've put all my old cans working on it. :-)

We just added some other genes related to ACE2, according to this
They are AGT AGTR1 AGTR2 REN MME DPP4 PRCP MEP1B MEP1A XPNPEP2, among them we already expanded MME and DPP4. You may see the others' names coded inside the workunits string.

Added a few genes, related to DPP4, according to StringDB:

Some 166977 completed :)

Already received work from other batches ahead of 166977.
Are these still SARS-CoV-2 related or from the Homo Sapiens (OneGenE - FANTOM-1) data set?

How many of those genes have we completed and sent by now?
Have the scientific community responded yet on any of the results that we've produced?
Do all relevant immunologists and virologists all over the world really know about our work?

Kindest regards,
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Please fix computer #57018 - only invalids! (Message 1797)
Posted 21 Apr 2020 by Gunnar Hjern
Whoever owns computer number 57018 please fix it or take it off the net!
So far it has only produced invalids (2), validation inconclusive (125), or errors (1), not one single valid result!
4) Message boards : Wish List : Tn-Grid in Boinc Manager project list (Message 1565)
Posted 25 May 2019 by Gunnar Hjern
I definitely agree!!
The vast majority of Bonic users choose a project from that list.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Biting off too much to crunch! (Message 1528)
Posted 4 Mar 2019 by Gunnar Hjern
Hi David!

No I'm not that worried about the WUs in my pending bin! I'm quite convinced that they will return as credited in the end.
I saw a lot of very strange things going on, and wanted the security and functionality of the project to prevail.

I certainly salute the scientific calculation work that you all are doing!!!

Although I have not been into Boinc:ing for more than three years, and have not the most powerful computers, I am running the 16 old cans I have both day and night. I really like to be a part of the good science that can be done this way!

Have a good day, and Happy crunching to you all!

6) Message boards : Number crunching : Biting off too much to crunch! (Message 1527)
Posted 4 Mar 2019 by Gunnar Hjern
Hi Peter!

I have never ever stated - and nor have I believed - that you weren't using your own computers, or that your were doing something illegal!!!

When I saw that my pending bin was very rapidly growing, I started to investigate the reasons, and then I found several computers with 512 and even more WUs in progress, and many of them also seemed to be inactive, not having completed any WUs in several days. On top of this, some of these computers was listed as having over 3000 cores, something I didn't thought ever existed. All this certainly seemed rather odd to me, to say the least, and it was this that made me react the way I did.

As the competition started at midnight and all the deadlines for the tasks I saw on your computers had deadlines before midnight to Tuesday, it isn't that far off to believe that they have to be completed in 24 hours?

To my great satisfaction I can confirm that a great part of the WUs in my pending bin now have been credited! :-)

At the time of writing I can only find a dozen of WU's that seem to have timed out:
18702265, 18702546, 18702672, 18703499, 18703675, 18703751, 18703765, 18705100, 18705192, 18705375, 18706313, 18706596
(Maybe some or even all of them will be reported as completed after this is posted?)

I am certainly not an attorney trying to nail anyone participating in different competition! From the beginning I was not even aware that this whole issue was due to any competition, and nor am I aware of the exact rules for such competitions. Therefore I will not further argument about what is regarded as competition cheating or fair play.

I hope you do not feel further offended by me, Peter. That is certainly not my intention!

I hope that in the end all this competing will lead to the benefit of the project and the science behind it - that's what we're in it for.

So continue to crunch!, you sure have some mighty computers to do it with! :-)

Have a nice day, and a good week to come!!!

Kindest regards,
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Biting off too much to crunch! (Message 1522)
Posted 4 Mar 2019 by Gunnar Hjern
Hi Alez!

Well it's time to hit the bed now, but I'm quite satisfied to see that more than 11,000 creds already have returned from the pending bin - all in a single hour!! :-)

Have a good competition week!!

8) Message boards : Number crunching : Biting off too much to crunch! (Message 1519)
Posted 3 Mar 2019 by Gunnar Hjern
Maybe Zioriga could finish his tasks in due time - if he really have those monster machines that the listing says - but I think Cruncher Pete must have miscalculated a bit:
He has a couple of computers that should finish 512 tasks each until about 8 o'clock in the morning on Monday. Another of his machines have 994 tasks to finish in 24 hours!

No way on this earth he will manage with that!! All my own computers put together needs almost a whole week to eat up 994 WU:s, and I know that pretty well as I have been running mine 24/7 the last three months.
(Maybe he's working on his bunch of WUs already this weekend, and waiting to upload them all until Monday morning. Wouldn't that be called cheating? ;-)

I do agree that some competition will boost interest for the project, but I hope it will not bring the servers down or cause some other troubles along the way.
Hopefully, we will receive all the credits for our pending WUs once the fighting is over next week. :-)

Have a nice weekend!!!

9) Message boards : Number crunching : Biting off too much to crunch! (Message 1517)
Posted 2 Mar 2019 by Gunnar Hjern
Such hoarding is indeed a very blatant violation of fair competition rules and should lead to that all of them being disqualified!!!

For what good is it anyway???
The competition starts at March 4th, and a whole lot of the hoarded WUs will timeout early at 6 o'clock the very same day! :-O

It is the rest of us serious Boinc:ers that will have to pay the price for this malpractice, not to speak of the science project itself!
I've just PM:ed the admin, and hope that he will put a stop to this and let the project survive.

A really nice weekend to all of you fair working crunchers!!!

10) Message boards : Number crunching : Biting off too much to crunch! (Message 1513)
Posted 1 Mar 2019 by Gunnar Hjern
There seems to have been a whole lot of excessive WU downloading lately. My pending bin is steadily growing and has more than doubled the last day! :-(

When taking a closer look, several computers have as much as 512 WUs each in progress (without doing much crunching) and there is little chance they will be ready in time.

Apparently the number of cores per computer can be manipulated, and the worst I've seen so far is a couple of computers that state they got over 3000 cores each!!!
(I'd love to really see one of those machines - they must be quite impressive... ;-)

I recommend the project admins to put up some harder limits for how many WUs that can be held in progress, so that the servers don't run completely dry.

Kindest regards,
Gunnar Hjern
11) Message boards : Number crunching : TN WU's failure and error rates (Message 1497)
Posted 13 Feb 2019 by Gunnar Hjern
Hi Wes!

Very interesting how such small and affordable computers could achieve about 1600 creds/day! :-)

Could you tell us a bit more about where you bought them and how you prepared them for Boinc:ing, so we other newbies also could give it a try?

Kindest regards,
12) Message boards : Number crunching : AVX != SSE2 (Message 1490)
Posted 30 Jan 2019 by Gunnar Hjern

Although quite rare, it sometimes happens that tasks computed with an SSE2-CPU gets invalidated due to differences when running the same task on an AVX-CPU.
As an example of this see WU 18375163.

I'm not exactly sure of why, but a possible explanation could be the use of FMA (fused multiply-add) inside the AVX CPU. Using FMA may produce a slightly different result due to using higher internal precision, and if the calculations are very sensitive and divergent, this could lead to very different end result. (The "butterfly effect")

Could something be done about this issue?

(to avoid invalids and loss of creds :-(

Kindest regards,
13) Message boards : Number crunching : No stats sent to BoincStats today?! (Message 1450)
Posted 19 Dec 2018 by Gunnar Hjern
I just got an answer from Willy at BoincStats. He says that it is this project that hasn't exported any stats:,1

14) Message boards : Number crunching : No stats sent to BoincStats today?! (Message 1446)
Posted 18 Dec 2018 by Gunnar Hjern

No one has got any updated credits on Boincstats today!

Last update user/host/team XML is 2018-12-17 11:25:11 UTC (1 day 04:38:09 old)
on their status page for this project:

What has gone wrong?

Kindest regards,

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