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Message 2767 - Posted: 14 Jul 2022, 4:26:37 UTC

The Team email function for the Team Founder did not work for a long time. It has been fixed and is in use by the large user projects like Einstein.
Manage Team

Contact all team members using e-mail.

With the advent of the new security in the EU, which has been applied to most Projects, it is now impossible for the Team Founder to get email addresses of the Team members and therefor the Team founder cannot send an email to his/her members.

I request that this option be included on the Team/Administration web site.

I would like this to be in effect on all projects but I do not know if web pages are part of the server code as projects have different formats of the projects web page. If you can forward this request to the coders / administrators of BOINC that would be great.

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Message boards : Web site : Team email function

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