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Last updated 14 Aug 2022, 19:10:03 UTC

AL ADIM ("BOINC@Poland 4 ever!!! ")
RAD-Poland ("I'm a member of cross-project BOINC@Poland Team.")
Jerzy_Przytocki (" ")
Aleksander Parkitny ("I'm living in Wroclaw, Poland, working as a junior ITS and Security Specialist. I'm...")
przemek ("I'm member of Boinc@Poland Join us")
eclipse99 (" "The Ultimate Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything is 42"")
krzyszp ("Witam Zapraszam na stronę największego polskiego teamu: BOINC@Poland Or you can...")
Dario666 ("I am Dario666 from Poland and I compute for team BOINC@Poland ")

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