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Last updated 23 Feb 2024, 14:55:02 UTC

Bryan ("I've been a member of SETI.USA since 2009. We are an International Team of like minded...")
Buckey ("Immer locker durch die Hose atmen ;-) Meine Stats")
Bazooka_CZ ("old computer freak :D Upload: 60Mbps * Download: 60Mbps * Since 2009 on platform...")
Blurf ("Tech Support Agent for a High-Speed ISP in Upstate NY. Married. Have 2 King Charles...")
BoincBoinc8 ("I am Denis, French engineer, living in the UK. I love science and hope my computation time...")
Beyond ("I'm retired and DC is one of my hobbies along with marathon canoe racing and XC skiing. In...")
bcavnaugh (" Crunching@EVGA The Number One Team in the BOINC Community. Folding@EVGA The Number One...")
Buro87 [Lombardia] ("Hi, my name is Buro87 and i am part of Boinc Italy")
bill1024 ("Retired from the HVAC industry. I love working on my 93 Mustang cobra, building computers...")
bundaboy ("Greetings from Prague, Czech Republic! :)")

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