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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Resource Share Problem (Message 1860)
Posted 24 Jun 2020 by mikey
I joined TN-Grid yesterday and I've happily processed 50+ WUs but sometime mid-afternoon today the resource share shown in BoincMgr changed to 0 and all of my processing WUs went into a wait state.

The resource share in my TN-Grid preferences is still showing as 100. I have tried changing it to 99 and doing an update and then changing it back to 100 and doing an update but within BoincMgr it remains at zero.

Is this a known problem? Could it be a problem in TN-Grid or do I need to take it to the Boinc forums?

Check the venue default, work, home or school to see if you are changing the one your pc is acutally in. Also make sure you are clicking the update button after you are making the changes.

If it's "waiting to run" what's running instead and what is the resource share for the other Project? It could be you owe crunching time to the other Project and it is giving it what your settings say to do. Resources Share is a daily resourcse share setting, or it tries to be anyway, so if you have 100 set for TN-Grid and 50 for another Project then 50% of the time the other Project will be crunching.

This is exactly why alot of people have multiple pc's, so they can crunch one project on each pc, or blitz thru the workunits on a single project to get a new or better badge.
2) Message boards : Cafe : New here, hope I can stay a while. (Message 1858)
Posted 17 Jun 2020 by mikey
Thank you so much. This is immensely helpful.
Does boincstats/bam offer the same as far as all projects, or are some left out?
Working on a goal (all be it a slow one, apparently) for WCG, then I plan on tackling other projects that are helping with Coronavirus.
I have nearly 100 threads of X86 (44 of which are 1st and 3rd generation Ryzens), and just snatched up a few Raspberry pi's for crunching - how is TN grid for getting running on ARM? I know other projects need different libraries installed if running 64 bit Linux. Android is definitely a bit iffy and I'm hesitant to try it on mine.

First BoincStats is a stats site while BAM is a Boinc add-on that helps you manage your account. I beleive Bam still leaves some of the Projects out just like the Boinc Manager does, I do not use Bam so could be wrong.

Second I don't use Raspberry Pi's anymore so can't help you with them.
3) Message boards : Cafe : the say hello thread :) (Message 1856)
Posted 15 Jun 2020 by mikey
Hello from Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina
4) Message boards : Cafe : New here, hope I can stay a while. (Message 1855)
Posted 15 Jun 2020 by mikey
Just joined a while ago (less than an hour) and plan on adding a Ryzen 1800x to the project before bed. The other 100 plus threads will come tomorrow. It's odd this project is not listed in Boinc's directory when clicking add project.


The powers that be that add projects to the list of Boinc Project in the Boinc Manager have some criteria that TN-Grid doesn't meet right now. Personally I would LOVE to see ALL Boinc Projects listed maybe with a 'apha' or something code for those that don't meet the current list criteria.

Some others are: they also do COVID-19 research

An easy way to find Projects is to go to Free-DC and search for users and what Projects they are running or have run.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Biting off too much to crunch! (Message 1586)
Posted 25 Jun 2019 by mikey
Maybe Zioriga could finish his tasks in due time - if he really have those monster machines that the listing says - but I think Cruncher Pete must have miscalculated a bit:
He has a couple of computers that should finish 512 tasks each until about 8 o'clock in the morning on Monday. Another of his machines have 994 tasks to finish in 24 hours!

No way on this earth he will manage with that!! All my own computers put together needs almost a whole week to eat up 994 WU:s, and I know that pretty well as I have been running mine 24/7 the last three months.
(Maybe he's working on his bunch of WUs already this weekend, and waiting to upload them all until Monday morning. Wouldn't that be called cheating? ;-)

I do agree that some competition will boost interest for the project, but I hope it will not bring the servers down or cause some other troubles along the way.
Hopefully, we will receive all the credits for our pending WUs once the fighting is over next week. :-)

Have a nice weekend!!!


One thing to know is that not all projects allow "bunkering' of the workunits for 'challenges', some do and some don't. For those that do it's normal practice to fill up your cache and turn off the returning of the wu's until after the challenge starts so you can get a head start on those people who don't take advantage of "bunkering". For instance if you can crunch 1000 wu's in 3 days and the challenge starts in 3 days then you could download 1000 wu's and return them just after the challenge starts giving yourself a large lead, after that you are just like everyone else in that you crunch a wu and return it.

The 'problem' with bunkering, as your journey down this path showed, is that "bunkering" does delay the credits for those of us who don't do it. It can make us take a look to see if we have a problem with our computers or not, but now that you understand about "bunkering" and challenges it should help the next time.

I almost never do "bunkering" or challenges as even though I have 16 pc's here at my house they can't compete with the large numbers of pc's that people bring to the challenges, so instead I just concentrate on goals of my own and continue doing my thing. To me it's a blip in my stats and then it's back to normal again as the people who did the challenge move on to the next one.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Can we multi-thread the TN-Grid wu's? (Message 1585)
Posted 25 Jun 2019 by mikey
Multithreading is only practical for certain types of problem. Applied to the wrong system, it can cause an increase in run time.

An extremely crude example, suppose you have a task which does a loop, each iteration of the loop adds 1 to the total, you have to iterate the loop 10 times to get the answer. Simple enough to do, but how could you multi-thread that? Each time it goes through the loop, it needs to know the result of the last pass through the loop, so thread 2, can't start until thread 1 is finished, etc, until it is complete. The act of starting the threads, passing the data, recovering the results, all add to the run time.

The current units run in about three hours on my i7-6700 systems running Windows 8.1.

I don't understand any of that logic, sorry.

My older I7 laptop is taking 7 hours to run one wu is why I'm asking. I also have some older and MUCH slower desktops with 2 quad core Xeon cpu's in them that could put more cpu cores on a single wu. I have some faster desktops too, but I have several goals I'm trying to reach at the moment.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Weird hosts (Message 1503)
Posted 15 Feb 2019 by mikey
There is no available resource on the pool for an individual pool user to locate another pool user by computer id.
Contact Brian at . He will respond as quickly as he can. He responds to critical issues fairly quickly. Try putting something spiffy in the Subject like "From Admin at TN-Grid" to get his attention.

Brian also helped solve the problem of cheating at Collatz last year, he proactively informed the Collatz Admin of a possible problem!!
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Can we multi-thread the TN-Grid wu's? (Message 1488)
Posted 26 Jan 2019 by mikey
Simple question can we multi-thread the TN-Grid wu's to make them run faster?
9) Message boards : Number crunching : boinc - enhancing research workloads.... (Message 1094)
Posted 20 Jul 2017 by mikey
boinc - enhancing research workloads for the benefit of mankind & humanity - Computer Optimisation - CPU , GPU & RAM - PC, Mac & ARM development

Sounds like you need to be talking to Project Admins not us rank and file cruncher types! Not one bit of anything you said applies to me as a cruncher as I do not make the decisions about any of that stuff. Sure I can vote with my feet and go to another project but actually making changes within a project are waaaay beyond most peoples ability to influence them.
10) Message boards : Science : New experiments: Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Message 1088)
Posted 28 Jun 2017 by mikey
We just submitted to system a bunch of experiments with very different parameter values. We'll now collect and process them. Then, we need to evaluate the results to find the best set of params to use for the "real" experiments. Some of the experiments were too fast to compute and there were users complaining about the bandwidth consumption, so we need to carefully define these new experiments to be suitable within the BOINC environment.
I believe that we can start again new experiments on Pseudomonas aeruginosa by the end of May.

Some of us don't have a problem with bandwidth, maybe you can do a sub-project of fast units and a slower sub-project of longer ones to keep both sets of people happy.
11) Message boards : Number crunching : Multi-size workunits (Message 642)
Posted 12 Dec 2016 by mikey
I use the plain CreditNew system for the application running on our project. Right now we are thinking about releasing a new type of application which is just a longer version of the old one (say 10-20 times longer, now it takes around one hour to complete on the fastest computers). We also would like to let users choose which one to run and give to the longer one something like a 5-10% more credit bonus (If I figure out how to modify the standard bitwise validator in order to achieve this).

- What do you think about this? Is it fair?

Thanks to all

Yes it's fair as long as not everyone will get the longer units by default, some kind of choice in the settings so people can run both or either one or the other if they choose. The problems may come in if lots of people chose the shorter ones and your Server can't keep up, but as long as enough people choose the longer units it should ease the load. You may have to play with the credits to 'entice' people to run the longer units.

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