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1) Message boards : Number crunching : OUT of tasks (Message 3273)
Posted 17 Jul 2023 by rsNeutrino

Finish line in sight!
2) Message boards : Number crunching : OUT of tasks (Message 3261)
Posted 23 Jun 2023 by rsNeutrino

Nice. RTS tasks seem to be limited to 30000, each with a 1.6 MB input file for the client should equal ~48GB server capacity usage for these.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : OUT of tasks (Message 3247)
Posted 2 Jun 2023 by rsNeutrino

Slowly rising, the task size change was around where the cross is.
Could be better, but as long the RTS number is rising it's enough.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : OUT of tasks (Message 3222)
Posted 27 May 2023 by rsNeutrino
Maybe I can answer some of that:

I suspect a shortage of WUs is uniquely your issue.

As long as tasks ready to send are not rising, someone's cache is not satisfied, the client is crunching faster than the cache can fill, ergo they run out of TN tasks sooner or later. The bottleneck is therefore at the moment the work generator, not the power-sum of our computers. Of course users should let them work on multiple projects if they desire to prevent idle cores.


Do you never get over 1,032 WUs per computer?

In general, the Boinc client has a hard limit of 1000 tasks, above that it refuses to request more.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : OUT of tasks (Message 3211)
Posted 25 May 2023 by rsNeutrino
That's what I would suggest as well, and that's what Retvari Zoltan wrote: double workunit lenght and halve the maximum number of cached workunits per core.

Of course, you could then vary the max cache and/or the deadline to hold the time to finish constant.
6) Message boards : Science : Homo Sapiens (OneGenE - FANTOM-1) - End (Message 3151)
Posted 25 Apr 2023 by rsNeutrino
Last WU 42164142 has finished.
Name: 233143_Hs_T195812-ARL13A_wu-218_1680830651578

Two tasks were returned today and the following 3 validated successfully, from hosts:
81828___7 Apr 2023, 19:47:11 UTC__authorized result
81179__25 Apr 2023, 15:11:30 UTC__late runner
71977__25 Apr 2023, 16:03:12 UTC__last return

88856 of 88856 genes/isoforms executed

You win! ;)
7) Message boards : Science : Homo Sapiens (OneGenE - FANTOM-1) - End (Message 3149)
Posted 24 Apr 2023 by rsNeutrino
Is this the very last FANTOM-1 WU?
Took a bit to track it down.
The WU is doing its rounds since the 07 Apr 2023, it is on its fifth task now, had two timeouts and a validation mismatch it seems.

Host has 10 of the remaining 12 tasks currently in progress according to the statistics page. Also a single user remaining, must be the host's owner.
Last successful task by that host was 22 Apr 2023, 10:43:42 UTC.
Next timeout for these tasks would be around 27 Apr 2023.

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