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1) Message boards : Science : snoRNA interaction in healthy tissues (Message 2994)
Posted 11 Nov 2022 by andreapiazzi
Hi to everyone!
We are a group of master student from the lab part of Data Mining at the University of Trento.

snoRNAs are a class of short non-coding RNA involved in various physiological and pathological cellular processes.
Aside from rRNA modification, new roles have been discovered and it has been shown a dysregulation in many types of cancer, observing oncogenes or tumor suppressor behaviour and a role as disease biomarkers.

Our project sets its main goal in studying snoRNAs that have been reported to be dis-regulated in cancer, and then defining which genes are causally related to them in physiological conditions, to gain knowledge regarding their interaction mechanisms and consequently their clinical applications.

From a filtered dataset containg RNA expression levels in TPM for seven healthy human tissues (breast, ovary, prostate, testis, skeletal muscle, liver, brain) in triplicate, we extracted a list of 396 expressed snoRNAs, indicated by the string snorna_ENSG0000...; we would like to expand all of these snoRNAs starting from the filtered dataset and then perform further analysis (snoRNA-host interaction, novel interaction validation, GSEA).

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