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1) Message boards : News : SSL Certificate (Message 682)
Posted 22 Dec 2016 by Dr Who Fan
Will you also update BAM!
One issues I see all over BOINC Projects is when they make a change like this they do not contact BAM! to have them change their info so that it updates all the Clients that use BAM!.
Thank you

The project owner/admin have NO control over what is in BAM!
You need to ask Willy at BOINCSTATS to change the code in BAM! once it is fully implemented here at TNGrid by posting a message in the forum titled "BAM! Bug Report"
2) Message boards : Wish List : Remove the Invitation Code (Message 610)
Posted 29 Nov 2016 by Dr Who Fan
I see that you added badges, thanks! Looks very nice :) Could you add somewhere list of all of them, with required credit levels?

Badge List/credits/etc available HERE:

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