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1) Message boards : News : Storage problem (again) (Message 3100)
Posted 3 Mar 2023 by Greg_BE
>>> I have 7 tasks stuck in upload.

Stuck? My tasks are uploading without issue, I've just sent a couple within the last five minutes. Is there another issue?

My post was a day earler than your yes...stuck. Resolved now.
2) Message boards : News : Storage problem (again) (Message 3097)
Posted 2 Mar 2023 by Greg_BE
I have 7 tasks stuck in upload.
Is there any chance before Monday of getting them uploaded to you?
That's a lot of time sitting on my machine and no way to shut down the upload without killing the tasks.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : average credit graph is now 0 (Message 2622)
Posted 7 Apr 2022 by Greg_BE
Your host statistics seem normal. You may have a RAC drop because you are not able to get enough workunits to fill up your processor. This is also normal here right now because of the huge number of requests. In this case I suggest you to set up a backup project.

No problem..I run 5 other projects besides yours. I just found it odd to see such a rapid drop to 0.

I've been on BOINC a long time, mainly RAH, so I know most of the causes for points drops. I am gone from the house up to 12 hrs a day, so I do not have time to review the logs on my system or check your page for server info.
So I thought I would inquire here.

Now the points are coming up again.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : average credit graph is now 0 (Message 2619)
Posted 6 Apr 2022 by Greg_BE
Is this due to the server outage and what all the past few days?
I have 131 valid tasks so far, 7 pending and 22 in progress.
Bask in early March I peaked out at 2900-3000 and then the graph started dropping.
in 10 days I lost 800 points.Gained back about 100 and then in the last 2 days I went to 0.

That is not normal at all!
Ok this project is new, but honestly a 800 point drop and then to a 0?
What's going on?
5) Message boards : News : Storage problem (Message 2580)
Posted 6 Mar 2022 by Greg_BE
Anything bought outside of the EU is subject to country tax plus customs fees.
So there is a unit in the US for $1,427 (1303 Euros), but then you add tax (in Belgium its 21%) so that's 1576 + 15 in customs fees, which brings it up to 1592 (rounded up) plus shipping costs from the US if they ship to Europe. That is less than the 4,000 Euros, but it includes a lot of if's and the warranty would be a US warranty and the drive if it had problems would have to go back to the US to be fixed.

So it is better to keep it in the EU. Costs will be higher, but the EU guarantee applies.

The drives here are exactly the model listed, just refurbished and under 1,000 Euro from Denmark:
6) Message boards : News : Storage problem (Message 2577)
Posted 6 Mar 2022 by Greg_BE
Not much better price here in Belgium.
Also 4,000+

Are you guys allowed to do fund raising at all?

SiDock has a page for normal currency and crypto currency as well.
If everyone on here (volunteers with computers) would put in say 10 Euro (or equivalent in their currency)you would be able to solve your problem quickly.
If each user on this project gave 10 euro you would be able to upgrade with no problem.

Something to ask the administration about.
7) Message boards : News : Storage problem (Message 2558)
Posted 26 Feb 2022 by Greg_BE
" A new storage system has been ordered but delayed due to legal issues...."

Legal issues over a computer storage system?
Is this thing from China or a classified system?
I have never heard of "legal problems" over something so simple unless the supplier is in legal trouble.

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