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21) Message boards : Number crunching : average credit graph is now 0 (Message 2620)
Posted 7 Apr 2022 by Speedy
Reason for no points could simply be because none of your pending work units had their other copy returned to make you will result valid and then get granted credit for the 2 days that you speak of
22) Message boards : Science : What's the next step?? (Message 2618)
Posted 6 Apr 2022 by Speedy
Is there any plans to work on another project alongside "Homo Sapiens (OneGenE - FANTOM-1)" or is the gold just to finish "Homo Sapiens" that is currently running?
23) Message boards : Number crunching : Curious (Message 2614)
Posted 3 Apr 2022 by Speedy
Thank you I was aware that was there I just wasn't sure how to work out the end date
24) Message boards : Number crunching : Curious (Message 2612)
Posted 2 Apr 2022 by Speedy
I am interested to know whether or not the current project that is running Homo Sapiens (OneGenE - FANTOM-1) has a estimated completion date?
25) Message boards : News : Paper published on Biomolecules (Message 2466)
Posted 17 Jan 2022 by Speedy
Thanks for the update. Will look forward to helping on the improved version/dataset when needed
26) Message boards : News : Paper published on Biomolecules (Message 2460)
Posted 16 Jan 2022 by Speedy
Congratulations. I am I am guessing the projects that were used in these papers will be changed on the science status page from "on hold" to "finished" at some stage?

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