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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Credit badges (Message 534)
Posted 18 Jan 2016 by Tern
I see badges... not what was proposed, but I like it!
2) Message boards : Development : New user, first impressions of project (Message 524)
Posted 14 Nov 2015 by Tern
Next-day update. Short deadlines did cause a problem on one of my hosts; BOINC loaded it up with too much work (another project's fault) which caused TN to start running "high priority" to meet the deadline, which dominoed and when it caught up another project with tight deadlines went "high priority"... If there is a project-related reason for the 5-day (?) deadlines, that's fine, but if not, you may want to make those more flexible.

Credits - got 30,000 running pretty much full-out for a day, so seems reasonable. Not drastically low, anyway. Now will see how the project rise or falls against others over time.

Website - noticed that the page title in the HTML source (example, this page, says "Post to thread") doesn't include the project name, which many projects do add (example, "TN-Dev - Post to thread"). Note that's the 'hidden' title, not what's displayed at the top of the page, which remains the same. Minor nit, but it helps when you've got a ton of tabs open in the browser, as the tab shows this title...
3) Message boards : Development : New user, first impressions of project (Message 523)
Posted 12 Nov 2015 by Tern
Attaching to project, no issues - immediately got work for Windows, Linux, and Mac hosts. (+100 - rarely happens with a new project!) (One 'dev' project I'm on has YET to successfully give me a Mac task, and they don't seem concerned about it. Their test Mac works, so it must be my problem... funny, 17 other projects are working fine for me...)

Work flow - hosts not overwhelmed or starved due to inaccurate task time estimates. (+10 - annoying problem with some projects.)

Web site - BOINC standard. May not be "pretty", but it sure helps when looking for something! (+10)

Web site - one broken link found; when going to "Tasks" page from BOINC Manager, when NOT logged on to the site already, after the login page, there is an extra "/" in the url for the tasks page. When already logged in, works fine. So problem probably in the login script. (-1)

Work return - validated and credit granted for all hosts. No delays, no failed tasks. (+10)

Work consistency - given the difference between my host's CPU speeds, all appear to be doing each task in the estimated time, within reasonable variation, and each task is close to the same estimated time. (+10 - Some projects are WAY off on at least one of my hosts, or have work that varies dramatically from task to task.) (If you do wind up with sets of tasks that are significantly larger or smaller than 'standard', I recommend calling them different 'applications', so the user can avoid 24 hr+ runs on low-end boxes if they choose to.)

Credits - eh. Not enough time on project to _really_ know, but subjectively "feels" a little bit low. Would NOT like to see you pander to the "credit chasers" (ahem, bitcoin...) but should probably be a little bit more granted per task. 2x? NOT 150x! Will have a better idea after a few weeks. If other projects weren't "inflating" their credits, I'd say you were right on already. (+/-0)

Message board responsiveness - haven't been here long enough to get a good feel for it, but it looks like the admins are on top of things. (+10)

Overall - appears that this is going to be a successful addition to BOINC! I'm impressed that you have things running this well so early in the process. Good job!

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