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1) Message boards : News : New application (v 0.10) (Message 758)
Posted 14 Jan 2017 by Profile Conan
This did cause a small issue for me when BOINC thought that the new work units would only take 29 minutes but they actually run for 3 hours (they used to run for up to 6 hours (hyper-threading is on)).
So I had well over 100 wu download, still have 50 odd to go but should make it.

2) Message boards : Wish List : Team (Message 735)
Posted 8 Jan 2017 by Profile Conan
Yes I can't really see what the problem is. I also am the founder of a team and very often I join a project before they get round to doing the BOINC team import thing, if they do at all.
So I often just make the team when I make my account as I want my output to all go to my team.
It is quick and easy to do.
I don't wait for the team import, it may or may not happen.
If I want to contribute toa project I don't wait around for the team import before I contribute.

3) Message boards : Number crunching : Credit badges (Message 552)
Posted 9 Jun 2016 by Profile Conan
G'Day Valterc,

Just wondering if you have found some time to work on the Badge system yet?

Keep up the good work on a very well run project.

4) Message boards : Number crunching : Credit badges (Message 525)
Posted 25 Nov 2015 by Profile Conan
I was thinking about this and it seems that the dots might just add an extra level of complexity to the creation of the badge.

For example with 3 dot system,
get Bronze badge at 10,000 with no dots
at 25,000 retain Bronze badge but add a red dot
at 50,000 retain Bronze badge retain red dot add another red dot
at 75,000 retain Bronze badge retain 2 red dots, add another red dot

That is 4 levels of Bronze and the code to go with it.
This is then repeated for Silver, Gold an upwards, creating lots of levels.

I was thinking that it would be easier to not use the dots at all (which will reduce the badge size) and just have one extra level for each badge but change the clour ot the DNA strand instead of adding dots.

So Bronze gained at 10,000 with the red DNA strand.
At 50,000 change the DNA strand to white (for example)

Silver gained at 100,000 with the red DNA strand
At 250,000 change the DNA strand white

Gold gained at 500,000 with the red DNA
At 750,000 change the DNA strand to White

Amethyst gained at 1,000,000 with the red DNA
At 2,500,000 change the DNA strand to white

Sapphire gained at 5,000,000 with the red DNA
At 7,500,000 change the DNA strand to white

Emerald gained at 10,000,000 with the red DNA
At 15,000,000 change the DNA strand to white.

This is my suggestion and the colours can be changed around so they are easy to see.

Just another possibility.


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