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1) Message boards : Number crunching : OUT of tasks (Message 2854)
Posted 28 Aug 2022 by UBT - Timbo
Where a project has a fixed limit of 600 tasks every 14 minutes and the existing volunteers process 600 tasks every 14 minutes how are you providing short term help? This is my confusion.

If a project is in a position to provide a surge of tasks to coincide with the challenge then wonderful, work gets done faster, results get back to the researchers sooner, the challenge members have fun with a ready supply of tasks and everything is hunky dory but I cannot see the benefit of this to either party.

I note your comment BUT as of now (and as the Challenge comes to an end at 9pm UTC tonight) the project has

Tasks ready to send 933
Tasks in progress 57191

so, there seems to be a significant number of available tasks now and generally speaking also most days as well - and I guess that the regular volunteers have only been inconvenienced for maybe 2 or 3 days.

And in the meantime, if every days full quota of available tasks have all been crunched then the project gains from this, surely?

2) Message boards : Number crunching : OUT of tasks (Message 2844)
Posted 27 Aug 2022 by UBT - Timbo
Why would anyone set up a challenge involving a project that is known to be borderline supplying WUs on a day to day basis?

Not only does it make the challenge a lottery, it also messes up the long term volunteers.

With respect, the Project Admin was asked, IN ADVANCE, as to whether such a Challenge could be handled by the project.

However, the admin said that the project only issues about 600 tasks every 14 minutes...

Even so, this Challenge only lasts for 3 days (until Sunday at 9pm UTC) so it is hardly a long term inconvenience AND any members doing this Challenge are supporting a "smaller" project that can do with some short term help?


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