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1) Message boards : Science : The new Vitis vinifera project is underway (Message 3164)
Posted 12 May 2023 by stefania
Dear all, I am very excited to announce that a new bigger dataset of Vitis vinifera transcriptomic data (Vespucci) is now available for OneGene expansion. The number of experiments has more than tripled. We are still using the results from the previous analyses, finding very interesting gene associations and producing amazing gene networks. We now expect to improve and refine them with this new collection of runs. Many thanks to all of you.
If you are interested in the architecture of the transcriptomic dataset, please look at the following article:
2) Message boards : Science : Vitis Onegene website is online and people are already using it! (Message 2568)
Posted 28 Feb 2022 by stefania
Vitis Onegene website was created to deliver annotated OneGenE expansion lists precomputed by TN-Grid volunteers to biologists, and to reconstruct association gene networks based on these lists. Visit it at:

An article based on the gene network downloaded from the website has been published in January, 2022:

Pirrello, C.; Malacarne, G.; Moretto, M.; Lenzi, L.; Perazzolli, M.; Zeilmaker, T.; Van den Ackerveken, G.; Pilati, S.; Moser, C.; Giacomelli, L. Grapevine DMR6-1 Is a Candidate Gene for Susceptibility to Downy Mildew. Biomolecules 2022, 12, 182.
3) Message boards : Science : Vitis publication (Message 1370)
Posted 24 Oct 2018 by stefania
Finally the paper about the application of NES2RA to the grapevine transcriptome has been published! You can read it at :

Discovering Causal Relationships in Grapevine Expression Data to Expand Gene Networks. A Case Study: Four Networks Related to Climate Change

We'd like to thank all the volunteers contributing to the BOINC project for the opportunity we had/have to perform gene network analysis on grapevine data.

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