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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Formula Boinc Sprint 2019 (Message 1610)
Posted 19 Sep 2019 by [H]auntjemima
seems to be exactly the issue we had last year. The project only releases so many an hour, so its going to be a fight to get any at all. Neat.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : No tasks (Message 1363)
Posted 15 Sep 2018 by [H]auntjemima
xii5ku wrote:
valterc wrote:
For your reference the current pace of the work generator is actually around 488 new workunits every 15-18 minutes.

~145 credits/task * 2 tasks/WU * 488 WUs / ~18 minutes * 1440 minutes/day = ~11 M credits/day

This is looking good! The project is seeing ~3 M credits/day normally.

@valterc, at this point it looks like you meant 488 new tasks, not WUs, per 15-18 minutes.

~150 credits/task * 488 tasks / 15...18 minutes * 1440 minutes/day = ~6...7 M credits/day

This aligns with the total production of the project today and yesterday, as seen on free-dc or boincstats. Unfortunately this means, as a very rough guesstimation, that perhaps 1/2 of the computer capacity which volunteers would like to put to task during this sprint remains without work.

The number of tasks ready to send remain near zero. IOW even though less than a day remains in this sprint, there is still more demand for new work than there is supply.

I disagree. Based on the time it takes to complete tasks, all this is really preventing is a bunkering of tasks at this point. There is more than enough work, even on my 26 cores, to keep busy the entire time.

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