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1) Message boards : Number crunching : No tasks (Message 1359)
Posted 14 Sep 2018 by Profile marsinph
@Marko Sango,
the project which is chosen for a Formula BOINC sprint is announced exactly 24 hours before the start of each sprint. (Except when Sebastien forgets to update the site.)

A reminder at when exact date and time the next sprint project will be announced is appearing at the Formula BOINC site a week in advance of each sprint.

The date an time till enf the year is already known
2) Message boards : Number crunching : No tasks (Message 1355)
Posted 13 Sep 2018 by Profile marsinph
Hello, about available work, it is very easy to understand !
Since the project on "Sprint" is known, some very big team with hundreds of hosts, downloaded the most WU.
But not returned it. I will not write the name of such teams. There are knowns.
But those team, runs the WU without returning them. They wait the official start
to upload all WU crunched the past day. It is they strategy !!!
They take all WU, wait, and when there are again available WU, it is not enough for normal user to increase.

Then about the amount of WU / host, increase cache will nothing change.
The project limits 8 simultanous WU / core.
So with a 8cores, you only can receive 64 WU. I agree with this politics.
So WU stay not too long out in field.

The problem is with a "Sprint" Some team with hundreds of hosts, take all WU, then returns it during soprint, then after do NOTHING for the project.
Then they crunch only for personnal ranking, wait the next 3sprint" and do the same again...

Look only the stats on Formula BOINC, in all divisions !!!
Look very carefully the ranking stats on "Sprint"

It explain why a lot of people have difficults to get WU.
The server produce WU normally, like each normal day and it is enough.
So, the server is not in overload. It is very wise from Admin. And I says again, i fully agree.

T6he look the stats from the latest 24Hr !! 20 new users but strange 174 hosts !!!
Easy to count : Let us start that there are also honnest users .
But then after less than one day, each new user is connected with about 15 hosts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Very strange !

Best regards
3) Message boards : News : Server down this weekend (Message 1279)
Posted 25 Apr 2018 by Profile marsinph
Any news about restarting ?
Best regards from Belgium

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