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1) Message boards : Wish List : OpenCl GPU Implementation - code available from Poem@home (Message 626)
Posted 6 Dec 2016 by GGPA [E.R.]
I am very sorry that Poem@home close its GPU project.
At the same time I understand from their website news that they are going to make available their source code.
Would be interesting if TNGrid would investigate if its projects could benefit from the implementation of such code


"The GPU accelerated algorithm will be open-sourced so that other groups can use the efficient forcefield freely to conduct research on GPU clusters on their own (the timeframe for this will be until Christmas. The code is ready to be shipped and the paper is written, but needs to be peer-reviewed before)."
2) Message boards : News : gene@home: Scientific Results (June 2015) (Message 547)
Posted 22 Mar 2016 by GGPA [E.R.]
I am sure if you ask for help on GPUGRID's or POEM's forum, some crunchers might help you. Alternatively, post a message on the "big teams" forum. But the first step might be to open the project to all participânts. (If not already done ?)
Another idea might be to contact the University of Luxembourg. They have a brand new BIOTECH dept.

Poem@Home developed their new opencl app thanks to the support of a community member
3) Message boards : Wish List : Future requests (Message 513)
Posted 29 Sep 2015 by GGPA [E.R.]
Now the project is beta but, in the future, may be stable and public
So, these are usually requests from volunteers for all boinc projects:
1) A GPU client (better OpenCL, for all gpu cards)

We think about to this possibility when we started integrating the software with the BOINC API... Unfortunately our algorithm is not so much parallelizable, hence is not suitable for the GPU hardware. I don't think there will be a GPU version of our project.

I would appreciate if for future researches any kind of parallel algorithm would be considered, and if possible implemented using OpenCl

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