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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Error: disk limit exceeded (Message 1121)
Posted 1 Oct 2017 by Peter Hucker
0% must be ok, that's the default on all my machines and I've never changed it. 0 must mean infinite.

Where do I find the log?

P.S. Uninstalling Malwarebytes fixed the problem with all three projects. Strange as Malwarebytes didn't inform me it was blocking anything.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Error: disk limit exceeded (Message 1119)
Posted 30 Sep 2017 by Peter Hucker
The machine has about 20GB free (not 12GB as I misremembered above).

Set to:
"Use at most 0GB disk space" (which means no limit).
"Leave at most 0GB disk space free"
"Use at most 0% of total disk space"
"Write to disk at most every 30 seconds"
"Use at most 0% of page file"

These are the settings it's always had, and the settings my other 3 machines have. And the problems only started on this one machine a few days ago. It's doing the same with the two other projects (SRBase and Yafu).

P.S. I wasn't emailed when you replied, yet I'm subscribed to the thread.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Error: disk limit exceeded (Message 1117)
Posted 29 Sep 2017 by Peter Hucker
I'm getting an error "disk limit exceeded" on quite a few tasks (about 25% of them) from one computer only out of my 4. There is no disk space shortage (I have 12GB free), and I haven't specified a limit for disk space in BOINC. Any ideas what's going on?

Just started in the last few days, changes made to the machine that might be the cause are:
1) Some windows updates (including a major one).
2) A different (very old 4MB) graphics card was inserted into the machine (just for display purposes, not crunching).
3) Malwarebytes changed from the free version (run on demand) to the trial full version (realtime).

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