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Message boards : Science : AMD COVID-19 HPC Fund

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Message 2990 - Posted: 10 Nov 2022, 14:11:10 UTC - in response to Message 2989.
Last modified: 10 Nov 2022, 14:43:00 UTC

Unfortunately no news about the GPU application, it seems that it's not an easy task, also probably not worthy...
We had received an extension from AMD so, yes, we are still using their computing resources, mainly for ML work related to single cell data (we'll like to play with this kind of data using gene@home in the future), here the challenge is to start with single cell data and try to transform it into something suitable for our PC-IM algorithm, we'll see..

Thank you for the information.
There are plenty of CPU's out there.
Glad to hear about the AMD extension and future plans for gene@home.

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Message boards : Science : AMD COVID-19 HPC Fund

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