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Message boards : Cafe : Coronavirus

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Message 1693 - Posted: 8 Mar 2020, 16:48:20 UTC

I see that Trento is right on the edge of the quarantine zone.

I lived in the Friuli for a couple of years and am familiar with the area.
Best of luck to them all.

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Message 1694 - Posted: 9 Mar 2020, 13:50:42 UTC - in response to Message 1693.
Last modified: 9 Mar 2020, 13:53:08 UTC

Yep, we are close to the 'red' area. The situation is rather 'complicated'. The government is trying to convince anyone not to have 'close', not necessary, contacts with others. The sad thing is that a lot of people don't care unless forced to. I will work from home the next two weeks.

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Message boards : Cafe : Coronavirus

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