Unknown error number (0xffffffffc000001d)
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Message boards : Number crunching : Unknown error number (0xffffffffc000001d)

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Message 881 - Posted: 7 Feb 2017, 17:42:29 UTC - in response to Message 880.

I could define a minimum os version for avx apps. This will for sure solve this problem. Will check this tomorrow.

Well. It's not so easy (I should make another platform/plan_class etc...) This is something that should be checked by the Boinc client... I don't know why it may report unsupported cpu features.

Does someone know how the handle this at Asteroids@home? (the only project I know that uses "explicit" avx apps)

In this case CPU supports AVX but OS does not. This must be checked in different way, there is separate assembler instruction for this.

I checked my projects and found that Einstein@Home also has separate AVX app.

I also checked how plan classes are configured, and found that value for <os_version> is an regular expression. Something like this should do the trick:
Windows ([^7]|7 .*Service Pack)


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Message boards : Number crunching : Unknown error number (0xffffffffc000001d)

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